Friday, April 11, 2008

Kick in the pants

I won Stella MacLean`s first published book, Heart of my Heart, at our RWA chapter meeting on Sunday. On Monday my Daphne books arrived for me to judge so I didn`t get to start it. Stella is a great example of an author who never gave up. She persevered through rejections and life`s challenges to realise her dream. I want to be just like her.

I've been meandering around on my second Desire, whining about it, and not meeting my goals. That is until I read on eharlequin that the editors were offering another pitching opportunity. They gave a little more lead time and we have until July 1st to complete the manuscript. I don't think the story I'm currently working on has the hook that my first one did but I know it will be completed. I'm just wondering if I could possibly write a second one before then.

Tomorrow is my last day of tax clinics and I have a few more personal ones to complete this weekend. So, by Monday, all my tax work should be wrapped up. Yeah! And my website needs to be completed and ready for marking by this Tues - the last night of my web class. I did register for the next one, and it starts the following week. Now that I`m more familiar with the software I should be able to complete the homework for the next one more easily and quickly.

Need to print off my next scene and revise it for critique group next week. And I have about 50 pgs left until I can write The End


Julia Smith said...

50 pages till The End. What a lovely prospect. And I loved Stella's book so much - for the book itself, and for Stella's triumph.

Julia Smith said...

Hey - you've changed it again! Your blog layout, I mean. That so impresses a technophobe like me.

I've tagged you for a 7 Things Meme.