Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Easy to Assemble

When you see that statement on the outside of the box, DON'T BELIEVE IT!

I've just spent hours putting together a shelf/table that came with Swedish Instructions. Of course, even of the instructions had been in English I don't think it would have helped.

Last weekend I opened up my newest yard/garden purchase - a gas weed whacker. HOURS! getting the motor running. Why can't they just tell you that the oil is supposed to be mixed 40:1 with gas? They provided a little bottle of oil and I just dumped it into the small tank with the gas. The motor wouldn't start. Hours later, after a trip to my father's workshop (which is better than a Canadian Tire and a lot cheaper) and a trip to the gas station I had the motor running. But that was just the start. By the time I got the line/reel on the bottom to work it was getting dark. But I love it! I whacked so many weeds and overgrown bushes with that thing, my arms hurt. Of course, right afterwards I started looking at Condos for Sale. A semi-annual event I indulge in after a grueling day working on my yard or shoveling snow.

Now, I have a desk to put together but first I have to dismantle a table to make room for it and I need to find my Phillips screwdriver...

Update on Writing
They extended the deadline for the contest I want to enter to the end of the month. I might get my fifty pages smoothed out by then - or maybe not.

Update on Website Design
So much to learn so little time. Hope to have Kelly Boyce's and my website up so everyone can see what I've learned in the hours I've spent in class and on my own. You get really sucked in with all the choices, colours, fonts, etc.

Update on the niece's wedding.
Only managed to get off about 10 of the 20 pounds I wanted before Amy's wedding next week. I have managed to make it to the gym three or four times a week over the past month.
After months of searching for something other than black I finally went back to my first store and tried on black dresses again. The sales lady was terrific and after trying on a few I'd chosen, she went away and brought back a couple for me to try on - neither one looked impressive on the hanger. The second one was a winner. As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the one for me. I feel great in it. And if I don't look great in it I don't want anyone to disillusion me. My youngest daughter found a great dress as well. My oldest daughter (the graduate) who is skinny and tall and can wear anything, hasn't found anything yet. I think it's because she has too many choices. My other daughter and I are always thrilled when we find something that fits and looks good - we grab it.

So, this week:
I need to find some discipline. The edits for Front Page Affair are not going to type themselves.


Annette said...

Wow, you've been busy! The new desk looks nice. It's Shaker style, right?

Can't wait to see the new websites. I'm still in the thinking stage, trying to figure out colours, styles etc..

Yay on getting a dress! Trust me, I know all about the stress of shopping for one, so I'm happy you found one you like.

Cat Schield said...

Assembly required. I live near an IKEA and get sucked in to buying from them every so often. Only when I get home to I remember how FRUSTRATING those instructions can be (even in English).

I can't wait to see your website designs for you and Kelly.

Did you see they're doing a Modern Heat contest? I'm hesitant to send anything after what happened with 600 entries in the Presents, but I suppose I have a first chapter I could dust off.

Best of luck with your edits.

Julia Smith said...

'I feel great in it. And if I don't look great in it I don't want anyone to disillusion me.'

LOL! Good plan. Actually, if you feel good in it, you will look divine.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Cat, I saw the contest. I'm not sure what a Modern Heat is exactly. The Presents Extras? They seem the same as the Presents to me.

I never heard anything from the Presents contest although I've heard of quite a few people who did.

If an idea pops into my head I might.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm so excited about the website! And I hear you on the "Easy to Assemble" load of crap. Been there!