Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice Cream Party

My logline didn't get chosen for the pitch. In a lot of ways that's a very good thing. The MS is in very rough shape and I would have needed to work on it night and day. But, it was still disappointing. It left me feeling out of sorts and little sorry for myself. So, I blew the diet and had an ice cream- my favourite comfort food. Back on the diet today.

I've been hitting the gym regularly over the past couple of weeks and the blood pressure has gone back to normal. It was pretty high a few weeks ago - dangerously so. You would think I would learn my lesson. So, no excuses about the gym.

So, where to now with Front Page Affair? I can't send in the synopsis because Diane V. has a requested full. I'll call on that by the end of this week since it's nearing the four month mark. I know the editors say three to four months on a full but I don't know anyone who heard in that short of time. But, a phone call before all of the eight (yes, eight! and I was NOT one of them) log line winners pitch next week. I thought if I wasn't chosen I would ditch the story but I should finish it just for the learning experience. I always learn so much more from finishing a MS than abandoning it.

Also, my clever title? Next month Desire has a book out called Front Page Engagement. And, Presents has a book coming out next month with a plot very similar to mine. I always think I'm so original and clever. Snort.

What to do?

There's a fifty page electronic contest with Diane v, the Desire editor, as a judge with a deadline of July 18th. This would be a good way to get some feedback and get it in front of Desire without waiting. But contests are a crap shoot and I have a lot of CP's that are very good. Hmm - indecision.

I registered for the KOD Retreat in Portland, Maine. I have a room mate and a place to crash in NB to break the 10 hour trip into two days - and a couple of other writer's to car pool with from Fredericton. One of the speakers is agent Meg Ruley who reps suspense and thrillers. She's Lisa Gardner and Julia Spencer-Flemming's agent. I have my RS, Shattered, from Nano and a series mystery idea that's been on the back burner since last summer. I want to set the mystery in Portland, Maine. I'd like to have a proposal for each of those but might realistically have to concentrate on Shattered. So little time...


Cat Schield said...

I'm sorry you didn't get picked for the pitch. I know what you mean about falling off the wagon. After the Presents contest, I sunk into a blue mood for a couple months. I think you're smart to put in a phone call before next week. Back before she was the Asst Editor, Diana got back to me in a month on a full. I'm guessing she's a lot busier now.

I like your title better than Front Page Engagement. As for plots similar to yours, I pulled an entire scene out of my book after reading the same one in a book by Emilie Rose. At least you know you're on the right track plot wise.

A change of genre might be a good idea. I'd love to write a RS, but my mind just doesn't work that way. I can figure out other people's mysteries, but can't come up with one of my own.

May there be great news in your future!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Cat. I hope the pitch leads to good things for you. I've just started to get out there with my writing so I know it's a long shot every time you send something out.

Did you ever receive anything at all from Presents?

Cat Schield said...

Not a peep from Presents. I think my writing entered a black hole in England. Obviously I wasn't suited for them. Which is okay. I'd rather write about sexy American men any day.

Annette said...

Sorry your logline didn't get picked. But I think you definitely should enter that contest.

Very exciting about the KOD conference! I know you've been wanting to go. And Shattered sounds like a great story so this is a good opportunity to take it out again and start working on it.

Fingers crossed you hear good news when you call. :-)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Annette.I'm having a hard time getting into a routine with the kids off school.

Julia Smith said...

Ice Cream Parties are good, and then getting back to the gym is great. Go, Anne, go!

The KOD conference does sound good. I'm sure it'll spin you into a few new grooves.

Kelly Boyce said...

Sorry to hear about the pitch, Anne. That's too bad. But the retreat sounds great. And speaking of similar plots, etc., I just finished reading Julia Quinn's new book and we named the valet the exact same thing, which was a bit of a strange name to begin with. How we both pulled that one out I have no idea!