Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pitch Postponed

I entered the Desire Pitch at the last minute with a MS I'm still trying to beat into shape. The chosen five were supposed to be announced today. I don't have much hope. My log line was quite short compared to some I've read and I fear I didn't really throw enough of the hooks in there.

I checked my email at 4.30 this afternoon. No email from Desire. I was a little disappointed but then I started thinking of all the things I now have time to do. I mosied over to the eharl thread to check out who received the nod. Instead there was a post letting us know that a decision won't be made until Monday - after the US long weekend. Aack! So I guess it's back to working on the MS that may or may not have a future.

And here's a reason to watch Wimbledon this weekend, Rafael Nadal:


Cat Schield said...

What a bummer that they're making us wait another 3 days. Torture. I didn't have a great feeling about the short turn around time, so I'm not terribly surprised they postponed. The Noc Bites pitch people are without results at ths point too.

I'll bet your blurb was great. And we have no idea what Desire's short on right now so it could be anyone's game.

Hang in their, kiddo!

Kelly Boyce said...

That tennis match had me on the edge of my seat. Good luck with the pitch!