Friday, September 19, 2008

Switching Gears

The KOD Retreat with agent Meg Ruley is in a couple of weeks. Heather Osborn from Tor is accepting submissions prior to her visit to our local RWA chapter. In order to take advantage of both opportunitues, I switched writing gears this week and focused on my RS written during last year's Nano. In honour of the switch I've decorated the blog in more mysterious decor.

I want to have a good synopsis and pitch of Shattered ready for KOD. And I need a the synopsis and revisions of the first chapter to send to Heather by Oct 5th. Cathryn Fox is presenting a session to our chapter this Saturday on pitching so that should help to get the pitch ready.

I'm happy with my characters and the twists and turns my plot takes. I'm having to catch up on the research I didn't do the first time around and the beginning needs a bigger bang to open it. I've been reading the openers of some of my favourite suspense authors to see if it can jump start a more dynamic opening page. The book starts with a hostage taking/robbery where the hero and heroine meet. However, I have a couple of pages in his POV before it actually happens. It sets the stage and explains what my hero is doing there. But, I may have to switch it up a bit so you hit the action from the first line of the first chapter. Hmm - thinking, thinking....


Annette said...

I like the new look, Anne. Definitely fits a suspense.

I didn't realize that Shattered was finished until I saw your meter. Congratulations!

Looking forward to tomorrow. I have no idea how to pitch a book properly so I'm keen to hear what Cathryn Fox has to say.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Yikes! The meter was backwards.
It's not finished. I have to start at the beginning with revisions and make it almost twice as long.

Annette said...

D'oh! Ah, well, you'll end up there in the end. :-)

Kelly Boyce said...

I love the new look, Anne!