Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm back to revising the short contemporary. The Romantic Suspense/Mystery projects are on hold until at least after Christmas. In honor of that change in focus I've revamped the blog to reflect my target market, Silhouette Desire. As you can see from my word meter on the right side, the revisions suggested by the Desire editor are not going at a great pace. I did complete a revised synopsis and reworked the first chapter. Don't know if I'm happy with it. I've printed it off so I can see how it flows together.

I'm all over the place lately and not finishing up projects. What's with that? I have banned TMZ from my computer so I don't flush my time down the toilet by reading about badly behaved celebrities. Why do we have such a fascination with that stuff? I haven't been catching any of the new TV shows and I'm even giving The View a miss while I wait for the US election to be over and they move past the political bickering.

I'm working on Kelly Boyce's website which should be completed shortly - if I ever stop fiddling with everything. I'm taking a digital imaging course that I thought would be helpful for website images but it's geared more to photographers. Could be that I'm not applying it properly. I see web pages that I love but I'm not sure how they achieve the results. Not as easy as I thought when I first started the web design course.

I was also set back when I tried to register my Etch Web Design company and found out that there's a Etch Media Design company in Moncton so I can't use it for my NS business. Crap. After checking it out myself on the web, buying the domain name and hosting service. I now have to change it. Thankfully I hadn't yet designed the site or business cards.

It's difficult to find a name that isn't in use on the web and has the domain name still available. I want a name that speaks to me and conveys my creative focus - and has an available domain name. I've come up with some wonderful names that I was really excited about, better than Etch, and then I find out it's already in use -usually by MANY people. Through this process I've learned I'm not as original as I thought, if I can think it up - someone else already has before me.

I'm actually thinking of making up a word - that way no one will have the .com.


Cat Schield said...

I love the new look, very "desirable". I'm sick of how my blog looks, but I'm going to wait until the new year. January is so grey, playing with a brand new look will give me something fun to do.

Good luck with the revising. Books aren't written, they're rewritten. Someone very wise said that (the name escapes me) and they are very right.

Annette said...

Ooh, love the new design colours. Very sexy!

As much as I'd love to read your mystery, I think it's a good idea to revise your Desire. You're so close with it and it's too good a story to shelve.

Can't wait to see Kelly's website. I haven't been doing the blog thing for awhile. I just don't think it's my thing. But I am gathering ideas for my website, so I love looking at other author sites.

Bummer about Etch already being taken. LOL Maybe making up a name is the way to go.

Kelly Boyce said...

Hahaha...I like the idea of making up a word. At least it will be all yours!