Monday, January 12, 2009

Writing Goals - 2009

What's the first thing you have to do when designing your goals for the upcoming year?

Take a trip to Staples to buy new STUFF.

I have my four month erasable calendar posted beside my desk. To complete the goals I've set for myself I have to write everyday. The two priorities for the next four months are to finish the edits for An Unsuitable Mistress and to complete two entries for the Daphne.

Quarterly Goals:

1) Complete Revisions on An Unsuitable Mistress by Feb 6th. (200pgs)

2) Complete an Intrigue entry for the Daphne by Feb 21 ( 4500 words/1pg syn)

3) Complete a Mainstream entry for the Daphne by Mar 14 (4500 words/1pg syn)

4) Start a new Desire.


Cat Schield said...

Whoo! You're ambitious. Good for you. And they're very reachable.

I'm trying to get an entry ready for the 2009 Marlene contest (due 1/15) and having a heck of a time making any progress. I still have a synopsis to write. Yikes. But this is why I love contests, they force me to meet deadlines.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Good luck with the Marlene contest Cat.

Kelly Boyce said...

Oh my god I am SO going to Staples on my lunch hour and getting one of those!!!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Isn't it the bomb?

I KNOW it'll help me reach my goals.

I'm also using a nice thin orange marker to do my edits.

Annette Gallant said...

I love that new calendar, Anne, and how you've gotten everything all organized. Very efficient!

I'm like Cat and have been wrestling with my Marlene entry all week. But the deadline is today, so at some point I'm just going to stop obsessing on it and send it in.

Kelly Boyce said...

Its awesome. I went out and picked one up. And a pkg of colored dry erase markers. I'm ready to rock and roll.