Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's almost the end of the second month of 2009 and I need to revisit my goals for the year.

I had planned to enter the Daphne with two mysteries. The deadline is March 16. Only 15 pgs and a short synopsis. How hard could it be? The problem is I have to take my focus off my Desire revisions that I'm in the middle of - put them aside for a couple of weeks. I'm just about to rewrite the next few chapters of An Unsuitable Mistress because they no longer fit. I also plan to enter the Desire pitch contest with a new MS - and that is supposed to be in June. If I don't get started on the new MS soon, it won't be ready. See my dilemma? I can't do both.

I believe strongly in the power of focus. Taking your eye off the prize everytime something new and shiny catches your attention is a sure way not to finish anything - and not achieve anything.

Putting it down in black and white like that, makes the decision clear, doesn't it?

Focus on the Desire.


Cat Schield said...

You're smart to concentrate on finishing the Desire. Especially when you're in the middle. That's the hardest place to stop and pick up the story again.

I had to do the same thing with a contest. I'm in the middle of a revision and decided to stay focused on that rather than jump onto something else. Even though it was only changes to a first chapter, I think I would have regretted losing momentum.

I like your graphic.

Kelly Boyce said...

Good idea to concentrate and not lose focus. Good luck! I think you're on the right track.

Julia Smith said...

That's so hard to do when I get so many shiny things zooming through my brain...

But you sound like you're putting your own pair of internal sunglasses on for yours, Anne. Great advice.