Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting things done...

This is a quote from my SuccessTeam journal: "Your future depends on many things but mostly on you."

Hmm. Not today.

I had a big list of niggly little things that needed to be completed so I could cross them off my list and move on to the next step. However, I think the Universe is conspiring against me. I made three phone calls to obtain information - and none of them were fruitful. One person is out of the office for two days, another person I left a voice mail with and she still hasn't returned my call and another person with a full voice mail and an automatic transfer that goes to a busy signal?! Grr. Do none of these people have backups or coworkers that handle their calls when they are out of the office? Does work just grind to a halt when they are away/on vacation/sick?

Back to the things I can control: I've sent the GH scores in. Yeah!

I'm half way through a book I promised to crit for a chapter mate. Absolutely fabulous writer. Why is this woman not published? But I've had the manuscript for awhile. I just haven't made it a priority. It's on my list to complete by our next chapter meeting on March 1.

I've gone through all the comments and suggestions from my crit partners for Unsuitable Mistress . I was feeling overwhelmed by all the pages I'd received back. It felt good to go through them and then send them out in the recycle bag.

I'm back to writing at Starbucks. That always works well for me. I'm moving through the middle pages, slowly but surely. I've set my goal for 5 pgs/day instead of 10. That gives me the opportunity to go through the pages at least a couple of times - layering in emotion, reaction, motivation, etc. It's working better than racing through and ending up with a disjointed mess.

My oldest daughter is in Ottawa this week so my taxi duties have been cut in half. It's her first trip without an adult family member and I sniveled a little bit when she left. I know the day she leaves home is just around the corner but each step away makes me a little sad. I'm proud of her though. She's strong and smart. And in the car this evening my youngest and I had the discussion about course selection for next year. She needs certain courses for the university program she wants to pursue while keeping her options open for second choices. When did they grow up?


Cat Schield said...

I know all about being overwhelmed by stuff that needs to get done. I've got a lot of projects that need doing around the house.

I got all my contest judging done for the Winter Rose. It's nice not to have that hanging over my head. I think you're smart to reduce your daily goal. Sometimes trying to do too much makes us feel as if we're always underachieving. And if you do better than your goal you feel like you've really had a successful day.

My daughter's just starting to stay home by herself for short periods of time. It's those little milestones that hit you hard.

Kelly Boyce said...

I like writing at Starbucks too, although I find the available goodies too much of a temptation!