Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reading, writing...judging?

Scored Suzanne Brockmann's newest TDD book at the library this morning. There's been a lot of controversy on boards and blogs about a choice she made in this book that didn't follow readers expectations. Deck and Sophia had a sexual encounter several books ago, so readers felt that their pairing was inevitable. However, Suz didn't agree. Each get their HEA in this book with other people. I'm surprised and a little taken aback by the venom some readers express to her during a Q&A and on her BB. I actually like when a writer does the unexpected - as long as they don't kill off or break up a previously HEA couple. Can't wait to read it. And her next book in the series is s straight mystery with Sam and Alyssa. Yeah!


If I keep saying that to myself I might adhere to it.

Finished up my GH entries. They were all well written and easy to read. Professionally presented with no glaring grammar, structural or pacing problems, etc. I've only scored one because I just can't decide what an appropriate score is for the each of the others. Sigh. I know how important this contest is to the participants so I want to make sure I'm fair.

I've been working on deepening the internal conflict in my Desire. I realized that was one of the reasons my heroine's motivation was sometimes unclear - I hadn't completely solidified her internal conflict. And I've added just a bit to his because I hate a whiney hero. I think this is really going to add more depth to the middle of the book. Not only will they have the external conflicts to deal with but also those deeper issues that keep them from trusting each other. The revisions are going a little slower than I had expected but I feel like the book is getting better.

Hopefully everything I've learned through this process will help me get the next book ready for the June pitch. I'm thinking office romance for that one. Love those and Diana V says she loves them too.


Julia Smith said...

It's often the case that regular, non-writing readers will not be as excited by change-ups to their expectations as readers who do write. But it's good to know readers can be passionate!

Cat Schield said...

I think it's a good example of how readers get invested in the characters. However, these are works of fiction. No need for people to get all mean.

Glad to hear you're moving forward (even slowly) on your Desire. I'm not sure what I'd pitch. I wouldn't be surprised if last year's pitch manuscript is still under consideration by that time thanks to the weird way things worked out.

I'm glad to hear your GH entries were good. I can't wait to see who finals this year.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Good plan to say away from Suz's book until you meet your goals. Once I open one of hers I can't put it down either.

I've enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to returning soon. Glad you liked the newsletter :)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks for dropping by L.A.

Annette Gallant said...

Even though the revisions may be going slower than you'd like, the important thing is you feel the book is getting better and stronger. Keep going! You'll get there!

Ooh, an office romance. Guess you know I like that storyline, right? :-)

Kelly Boyce said...

I like the unexpected too. Always getting the same ole thing gets dull after awhile. It's good to have things shaken up.