Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally the Sun

The sun is shining and has peaked out a few times over the last week. Finally. Can't remember the last time we had so much rain in June. Good for keeping my well full but kind of blackens the mood after a week of grey and wet weather.

Took my car in yesterday for safety inspection, oil change and a humming noise in the front end. After waiting all day for a phone call on the estimate, they finally called and told me they didn't even get around to my car. Fortunately I have my sister's car so I wasn't stranded for two days. They called early this morning. Good news - the humming noise is covered under warranty. The bad news - car needs a new tire and brake work. Sigh. Should be ready by noon today, they said. Which means maybe sometime late this afternoon.

Working diligently on Unsuitable. A couple of changes, rearranging some scenes for the next chapter and that will be good to go. I can see the finish line.

Have been rereading all the info on writing for Presents and am struggling to come up with an idea that fits and excites me. Thought the two first chapters I'd already written would work but when I try to write a synopsis for the rest of the story I stumble across all kinds of road blocks. Also, I've read so many Desires and Presents, I'm struggling to come up with something that feels fresh and original for either line.

The weight is not budging this week. I know I shouldn't weigh myself everyday but I do. Need to increase the exercise and see if I can't get those lbs off.

Off to write a very emotional scene for Unsuitable. Where the h and H finally spill all the beans.

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Kelly Boyce said...

It was soooooooooo nice to see the sun this weekend. Granted, I did run outside, look up and scream 'my eyes! my eyes! it burns!!' But that was just for some dramatic effect.