Monday, July 6, 2009

Presents Contest

Presents is having another first chapter contest. You can find all the details at

I am definitely going to enter. I have two first chapters on my laptop that I wrote during a couple of write-ins my RWA chapter does at a local coffee shop. The stories are a little dark for Desire. The deadline is Nov 9, so lots of time to make the entries nice and sparkly.

I love the intensity and glamour of Presents. Fantasy all the way.

Unsuitable is limping along. I think today's pages are the last of the completely new stuff and the rest of the book is just piecing together and revising the old stuff. I hope. I also have been jotting down notes on my new ideas for the next Desire. Krista Stroever, the new editor for Desire, did a chat at eharlequin and I asked a lot of questions. Doesn't seem as if the editorial direction will change but she seems open to looking at different ideas. I'm planning on sending Unsuitable back to Diana Ventimiglia since she suggested the revisions. I won't be able to send anything else to Desire until I hear back so I've been looking around for a contest with a Desire editor. Krista is judging Where the Magic Begins contest with a deadline of Sept 1. I hope to enter Executive Demands, and I've totally changed the external plot for that one.

On the home front, finally sucked it up and replaced the lawn mower, DVD player and the desk top computer my kids used. Promised myself no eating out or buying books or clothes for the next month. See if I can get my budget back into a healthier zone. And the weight loss is chugging along nicely - I'm almost half way to my goal.


Kelly Boyce said...

My DVD player works fine, but when I put in the DVDs from the library with their security strip on them, it sounds like its making dip. J keeps threatening to replace it but I blame the library not the DVD player.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Sometimes those library DVD's are so well-used, they don't play well.

Cat Schield said...

I saw the info on the Presents contest. Figure, lets give it another shot. Now to write something sexy and sizzling.

Good luck on your entry!

Congrats on the weight loss.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Cat. This contest feels like fun to me. It doesn't cost anything and you don't even need to have the book completed.

Julia Smith said...

Everything is smokin' for you, Anne!