Friday, January 15, 2010

Kreative Blog Award

Maisey Yates nominated me for a Kreative Blog Award.  Maisey is one of the newest Presents authors and a brand new mom to baby Alani - her third child!

So, I have to come up with 7 little known facts about me. Okay, this took all afternoon. LOL.

1) I have no depth perception and driving in the dark is hard - which leads directly to #2

2) I completely totaled my first brand new car only months after buying it. The police officer asked me why I didn't stop for the car in front of me. I told him, if I'd actually seen the car, don't you think I would have stopped before hitting it?

3) I weigh 142 lbs. Only my WW leader knows that. Until now. By the way, that was almost as hard to admit as my age when I turned 50.

4) I'm afraid of the dentist.

5) One of my boobs is bigger than the other. Same with my feet.

6) I've never seen a Star Wars movie.

7) Like a Presents heroine, I dated my boss when I was in my twenties. Unlike a Presents heroine I didn't marry him. Nor did I have a secret baby.

And yes, it really did take me hours to come up with those. Here's hoping the second half of my life provides more interesting fodder for these kinds of lists.


Maisey said...

Okay, isn't the boob and foot thing true of everyone? That's what I tell myself anyway so I don't feel like a freak.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Well, that's a relief Maisey.LOL.

Janet said...

I would like to join the foot and boob club, please. Thank God - I thought I was the only one!

Aren't lists about ourselves so very hard to write? Yours is very good - and I concur, not only with the foot and boob, but with the dentist paranoia as well.

Congrats on the award, Anne.

Michelle Helliwell said...

Great job on the award. Love your blog! And congrats on the WW success...after doing that, writing a book should be as easy as pie! It's quite an achievement (from someone who is perennially struggling there myself.

Kelly Boyce said...

No secret baby?! Sadly however my boobs seem to be the same size. I think...great, now I'm going to have to go home and measure my boobs.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Kelly, it's more fun if you have someone else measure your boobs.

Michelle, I think the weight struggle is a challenge a lot of us relate to.