Monday, January 18, 2010

Molding Clay

Struggling to put words on paper today. Managed to exceed my goal of 1,000words/day but it was tough. If I think about it as the mound of clay I'm shaping into a book, I can stand to live with the rawness of it.

I did come up with two new ideas, one for a short contemporary the other a mystery. I always have a surplus of ideas, it's corralling these ideas into coherent scenes that I struggle with. However, I'm determined to make headway with this story and have resolved to sit down for as long as it takes to get my 1,000 words/day.

Still getting up at 6am to write. A little tired after staying up late to watch the Golden Globes. How much do I love Jeff Bridges? His movie doesn't open here until Feb 2 and I can't wait. My movie going sister is moving back to Toronto (sad) so I'm going to have to find another movie going partner. Unlike my reading preferences, where the fluffy and trashier the story, the better I like it, I like my movies with a little more depth.

On the health and exercise front, I'm afraid the cold, snowy weather is forcing me to exercise at the gym. And I'm having a hard time getting there. The only excuse I could come up with to avoid the gym was I couldn't find my ipod. Okay, I didn't look too hard. In an effort to make me more accountable, I've set up a little meter on the right side of this blog. The two week goal for exercise is a total of 6 hours.

Totally doable and the bare minimum of what I should be doing. I'll work on increasing it once I get my enthusiasm for the gym back.


Janet said...

I love the analogy of working with clay - and I think of the sculptors who see not a block of stone, but the treasure it hides. They chip away, bits here and there, until that masterpiece is uncovered. Just as we add words, take away words, edit, revise, write to find our masterpiece :)

Good luck with your goals, Anne. Loved the "Hunt for Ipod" excuse. And congrats on 1000 words per day.

Kelly Boyce said...

Congrats on getting your word count in. And I like the exercise ticker! Great idea.

Cat Schield said...

I was crunching numbers yesterday and realized that if I did nothing more than write 500 words each Saturday and Sunday at the end of a year I would have finished a book. It really does show the power of plugging along.

I admire your ability to get up at 6am and write. I'm not much of a morning person and find my best time is in the afternoon or at night. I do feel better, however, if I get the majority of my word count done in the a.m.

Good luck on the exercise. I haven't seen the inside of a gym in 2 years. Bad me.