Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next Desire Pitch

Rae, one of the hosts at eharlequin just posted in the Desire thread that the next pitch for Desire will be March 19. Details will be posted soon.

Oh lord, how many weeks is that? Seven weeks and three days?

Can I write 35,000 readable words in that time frame? I had planned to have this MS completed by the end of Feb. But best laid plans..and all that..

Still need a reason for my Hero's behavior. At the moment he is wondering around doing things but no one knows why. What motivates him? Money, success, acceptance? And why does he reject the heroine? Because everyone else in the book can see they were made for each other.

Jennifer Lewis, my critique partner, sold as a result of a pitch about two years ago. The Desert Prince, her latest, is available in Feb. Pick it up. You'll love it!


Janet said...

You can do it, Anne!!

And other than time constraints - let you hero wander around for a bit, see what he eventually reveals to you in a round about way. Or throw something at him, an unexpected surprise, and see how he reacts. Maybe he's just the strong, silent type - which could be part of the reason he's 'avoiding' the heroine.

Good luck - looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Cat Schield said...

March 19th. You can totally rock that! Time to kick a little hero butt.

Kelly Boyce said...

Dooooooo it.