Thursday, January 28, 2010


I received a rejection from Desire on my full, An Unsuitable Mistress.  Shana Smith, editorial assistant had this to say:
Aspects of this story are compelling, particularly your writing, but the characters' conflicts are a bit muddled and episodic, and Nicco's intentions concerning Lisa become unclear..
She goes on to explain a little further and then ends with:
If you have a project suitable for Silhouette Desire in the future, please free to query me again.
The revisions suggested by the previous editor asked that I take out one of the external plot points, which was the big reason for Nicco's actions. I struggled in the rewrite with replacing that motivation. Looks like I didn't quite succeed. I also have a tendency to throw too much external plot into my books which I think leads to the episodic issue. When I can't think of  "what next" I throw in a twist or surprise. And sometimes it really isn't the logical next step. Logical Next Steps are a term I learned from an online workshop with Susan Meier

I sent the full in on Oct 13 so this response was much quicker than any other submission. But it's ironic that one of the reasons for the rejection was the hero's motivation and that's what I'm struggling with in my current story.

So for now, I'll concentrate on the new book, Executive Demands for the Desire Pitch. But I love Lisa and Nicco and plan to make him a little more alpha, the story a little darker and eventually send it to Presents.


Cat Schield said...

WHAAA! But you have a great attitude about revising it for Presents. I'll send you good vibes for the Desire pitch.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Cat. Felt disappointed but not devastated by the rejection.

Janet said...

I'm sorry, Anne - but great to get some kind of feedback along with the rejection. At least you have an idea of why - and possibly an idea of where to go to revise.

And it's going to help with the manuscript you're working on now - bonus.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Janet. And the fact that she actually read the book is a thrill.

Rachael Johns said...

Commiserations - I got one from Super yesterday too :(

But like yours it wasn't all bad. Guess it just makes us tougher-skinned!

Get back in that writing saddle...

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Rachael, sorry about the R from Super. It sucks, doesn't it?

Francine said...

Hi Anne,

Chin up, keep writing!

Published friends of mine keep saying,"if what you've writen gets rejected abandon it and move on to new book, when finally one project is snapped up you can go back and revise previous and re-submit."

The key to above: once published your work is seen as more desirable, and therefore less likely to be rejected a second time! Not only that, experience of corrresponding with eds is griss to the mill of knowing what the ed expects from you.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Francine. I've shelved this book for now and hopefully some time in the future, as I learn more, I can find a way to revise it into a better book.

Michelle Helliwell said...

Sorry to hear Anne. Tough, especially when you love the characters so much (which you should, I think, if you're devoting so much time to them). At least they gave you more specific feedback.

Maybe when you've gotten some distance between you and the story (by concentrating for now on your current WIP) you will be able to see more objectively what needs fixing and tackle it better then. Good luck!!!

Julia Smith said...

'In the future, please free to query me again.'

That's the thing to focus on, Anne. Interest from the editorial assistant. This is where you - Anne, the hero of your life - hits the All is Lost moment from Save the Cat. Story arc is heading for the Final Image, though - the mirror of when you first began to write. The Final Image is Anne Sells Book.

Maisey said...

Awww...Anne, I'm so behind. So sorry to hear about the R. Keep the good attitude, and most importantly, keep on writing.