Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Hero of my Story

I rarely have a visual image of my hero and heroine when I begin a story. However, now that I've gotten to know Damian Cortez better and am aware of his difficult childhood, I'm starting to get a clearer picture of him as a character. Honourable but closed off, shoving his emotions down behind a wall of control and success and arrogance. But you see glimpses of his kindness and loyalty in the way he deals with his sister, the heroine, his long time friends and employees. He's the kind of guy who fixes his sister's flat tire, even though he's rich enough to hire someone else to do those menial tasks, he see's taking care of his little sister as his responsibility 

Brandon Barash  plays John Zachara on General Hospital. Yes, he has mob connections. Brandon's a couple of years younger than my hero but he's close enough. But I love the serious side and the playful side of his character and I think that reflects my hero, Damian's personality as well

I haven't found an image for my heroine yet but I'm keeping my eyes open.

I've been struggling with the WIP this week. Printed off the MS and reread. Wrote up index cards for the scenes I have and the one's I know I have to write. Put them in order. Currently rewriting the first scene that my hero and heroine aren't together. It's between Jane and her half-sister Kyla. It's supposed to reveal Jane's backstory - her feelings of being second best all her life. It doesn't have the tension and conflict that the previous scenes have between Jane and Damian but I don't know if every scene has to have the high octane drama of the hero/heroine scenes.

It's funny, some days all I want to do is write. I find every other demand on my time an annoying distraction. Other times, I would rather do anything but write. Facing that blank page is a hurdle I don't think I can tackle. That's how I felt this weekend. I'm hoping to push through that today.


Cat Schield said...

LOVE your hero. What a hottie both in looks and personality. You've hit that dreaded middle of the story when everything seems to be that much harder to write. Push through, the end will appear before you know it.

Janet said...

Great hero, Anne. I don't usually have visuals of my hero and heroine, but I know lots of authors who do.

And I totally understand your dilemma - some days writing seems like the worst possible hobby, even worse than knitting, and some days it the only thing I want to do with the rest of my life. Does this mean something? Wish I knew.

Good luck writing through - and with finding the perfect tension for every scene.

Julia Smith said...

Thanks for introducing us to your hero! I always cast mine - I need to see him. I'm very visual.

I'm also in the index-card-writing mode. I've never done this before, and I'm loving it.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm liking the hero. :) Hope the weekend writing went well!