Monday, February 15, 2010

My take on the Olympics

There are some crazy ass sports in the winter Olympics. This weekend, I stared open-mouthed at the tv as guys on skis stopped to shoot a target. What the hell kind of sport is that? I don't care how cute those well-muscled guys look in tights, that's just downright strange.

The cold must lead to boredom. It's the only explanation for some of these strange, wacky sports. Someone sitting around in the Canadian snow, bored to death with hockey ( although I can't imagine that even being possible - hockey's a real sport with a point - get the puck in the net!) and decides that they should get on a really small sled and steer with their heads - thus we have the sport known as skeleton. And it's hard to believe that a fast, dangerous sport played by very fit men in tight clothes could be so boring.

Imagine if you actually had to stand out in the cold and watch these sports while your froze your assets off instead of in your nice warm house with the heat on? At least with curling (another sport!? I don't understand) you can stay inside a rink and drink beer. After awhile you don't really care which side is winning - even if you could figure out the rules.


Janet said...

LOL, Anne! I'm with you on the sanity of some of these so called 'sports'. Personally, I think they're more like death wishes played out in front of an audience. Scary.

We watched Snow Board Cross yesterday - four guys speeding down a very narrow racecourse to reach the end. They were strapped to a single board. Wild!

Anne MacFarlane said...

You wouldn't catch me doing anything like that. Skiing is as brave as I get.

Cat Schield said...

Hey, maybe they need a summer sport where people swim a mile then stop to wrestle an alligator. That would be exciting.

I love the snowboarders. And the ice skating. The ski jumpers must be crazy, but every Olympics I'm glued to the TV.

As for standing out in the snow to watch the events, don't forget they've spent 3 hours in a bus to get there.

Kelly Boyce said...

I love the biathalon! But the luge and the skeleton?? That's about as extreme a sport as you can get. Makes bungee jumping look like child's play.