Friday, April 15, 2011

A Hero's Heart

Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, but rather the hero's heart. - Proverb.

I was struggling with my current MS, wondering if I was trying too hard to fit the line and losing the heart of the story.

I finally realized my problem: I couldn't see why my heroine would fall in love in love with Luc the way I'd written him - he was too suspicious and uncompromising. (Rather an ass actually.)

I changed my hero's motivation which changed his behavior and responses to the heroine. Suddenly  I started to fall in love with him. Now, I've made him Carly's hero - and she's the one who is too suspicious and stubborn to trust that he really does have her back in every way that counts. He has to prove himself to her. But he is so worth it in the end. And I guess I don't care if it makes him too romantic and not alpha enough for the line. He's not a whimp but he's confident and strong enough to put the heroine's feelings first.

Whew, now that I've fixed that I can get back to writing my pages which were severely stalled this week as life took over and demanded my time. Daughter's eighteenth birthday, taxes and more taxes, and unpublished contest entries. But I've had a productive morning. And I have a list. Hopefully I can make up some time this weekend.

I also have to tackle the garden. As you can see - bright green is popping out from the weeds and leaves waiting for me to tidy it up. Sunny and nippy out there this morning when I took today's picture.

Gardening or writing - which would you choose?


Rachael Johns said...

You had me on the line 'I guess I don't care...' because I reckon if you write from the heart and your post made it sound fabulous, then someone will see your story for how special it is :)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Rachael, I sure hope so. Because the other way just wasn't working for me.

Michelle Helliwell said...

Easy peasy - writing. I love to garden but find it overwhelming. However, it's a good antidote when you're overwhelmed by the writing and other things. Good to let your brain rest.

Glad you've figured out your hero Anne!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Michelle, I find the gardening overwhelming and am considering getting some beach pebbles to fill in the holes - no weeding necessary.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'd choose writing. Although my garden is in desperate need of a clean out/up. Glad you figured out the hero issue!