Monday, July 16, 2007

A Better Week

I'm planning on a saner more productive writing week. I put together my pages for my crit partners yesterday - still need to key in my edits and send them along.

I've committed to 3 pgs a day this week. I think that's a little more doable for me. The stuff I wrote early last week was very muddled, actually to tell you the truth, it was crap. Slowing down a little bit and thinking about where my story is going might get me closer to my goal.

Ever have one of those weeks where it was just difficult to sit still?That was last week for me.

Still haven't decided on a car. I'm a basic, 4 door, automatic, compact car kind of girl. I like good gas mileage and a warranty. But those show rooms can sure seduce a girl. I gazed longingly at a beautiful navy blue car with all the bells and whistles, leather interior and chrome console. Much larger and more expensive than I had in mind, but boy would I have looked good in those leather seats. I may go back this week and take it for a test drive - I can always use it for one of my story characters.

I also went bathroom vanity shopping. Again, basic white or oak vanity, one piece bath and shower, white sink etc. But those showrooms - they're designed to make you want a beautiful oasis of calm that is an expensive bathroom. I had to remind myself that fancy fixtures will not make my life better or me a happier person. It's just hard to remember that when faced with all those lovely choices.

Had some minor eye surgery today and was smart enough not to drive myself this time. Which was a good thing, because I forgot that for awhile afterward you can't see very well. And we decided to do both eyes. That way I could just go back for my check up in a year.

The eyes are fine now but they are very tired. And my daughter is working until midnight. That usually makes it a good night to write, it keeps me from falling asleep. But I might take a nap instead.

Tomorrow's alarm will be set for 7am so I can get 3 hrs of writing in before my daughter #2's dentist appointment. That bestseller won't write itself.


annette said...

Glad everything went well with the surgery.

I think 3 pages a day is a very impressive goal.

Aren't those showrooms something? Ah, it doesn't cost to dream. :-)

Christine d'Abo said...

I'm glad your surgery went well and that you're on the mend.

Three pages a day is an excellent goal. I know I push myself too hard to get more than that and it wears me out sometimes.

I hate showrooms. I always leave wishing I was rich.

julia said...

I don't see why you couldn't drive with both eyes recovering from surgery. You couldn't have been any worse than the guy my sister and I passed yesterday who couldn't pick a lane and turned out to be TEXT MESSAGING as he was 'driving'.

And showrooms are perfect for dreaming. I do that all the time!

Kelly said...

Hope your eyeballs are feeling better! As for cars, I love my Pontiac G5 - inexpensive, compact, automatic, electric blue and very quiet ride. Plus, good on gas.

Good luck with the 3 pgs a day!

Annie Mac said...

My eyes are back to normal.

And Kelly, I' seriously looking at a car like yours.