Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tied in Knots

I'm still having problems with my story. The hero's motivation for doing something that the story demands is very slippery. He's a serious guy and I just can't see him doing this puff piece interview that the heroine needs him to do.

And the heroine is supposed to be charming and driven, desperate for success. One of my CP's says she sounds stupid and she likes the fact that Izzy rhymes with Dizzy - which describes her well. Ouch.

Actually the whole premise of the story is starting to sound silly. Since I'm only on Ch 2, this is the time to change or ditch it. I've already reworked my hero's backstory and occupation but I think my heroine needs a few extra IQ points.

And Desires are serious and intense, not frivolous and fun.


annette said...

Don't ditch it!! I think it's a great story, just needs some tweaking. Which all books need before that final draft is printed off. And there's a reason why it's called a 'rough draft'.

I think you should keep writing it. As you do, the characters will reveal themselves more and you'll gain more confidence about your story. JMO!

Christine d'Abo said...

Don't give up on it yet Anne! I'm sure you can find a way to give your hero more motivation. And adding IQ points to your heroine should be easy.

Adding them to people in real life...that would be nice.

Kelly said...

I'm with Annette, just tweak it. Keep what you like, fix what you don't. I ran into problems with Finding Home (aka Juicy Lucy) when I realized the plot was meandering and not going anywhere but I loved the characters so I will keep them and fix the plot!

annette said...

And I don't think your heroine is dizzy. I think she's intelligent but sometimes impulsive, which makes her loveable and interesting. And a perfect foil for the alpha Desire male.