Friday, May 2, 2008


Still struggling through Front Page Affair. I've changed some back story and reworked external plot threads to try and form this shapeless ball into a cohesive story. But, it's tough slogging.

I have so many other good ideas that are calling my name and I'm sure they would make a better story. However, I've been down that path many times. The grass is always greener until you hit Chapter three and then it turns into work and another project starts seducing me.

Desire is having another online pitch and the editors say they want to buy someone before National. They've given writers a little lead time and the stories have to be finished by July 1. They haven't announced the actual date yet. I want to email them and tell them that my story is right there in their office just begging to be published. I'm still checking the mail hoping for a response from Presents but my hope is fading...

So, in the interests of getting this damn story completed I've done a quick outline of the scenes left to write. I'm going to try and work out the story problems before I actually write a bunch of scenes. The last twenty pages I wrote need to be scrapped.

My girls and my Mom and I are heading over to Maine on the long weekend. Trying to find a nice dress/suit for my Mom for my niece's wedding in Aug. My mother is almost seventy-five but you'd never know that because she looks and acts much younger. I'm lucky to still have both my parents alive and a part of me feels this compulsion lately to spend more time with them. I've even stopped arguing with my mother these days. A while back I just decided to enjoy the time with her and forget about being right. Very freeing. I should have done it twenty years ago.


Julia Smith said...

Funny about that 'being right' thing. People everywhere get themselves worked up because the other person won't acknowledge that they're right. When yoou stop caring about that, suddenly life is fine.

Annette said...

Glad you've decided to hang in there with FPA. I really like that story. And rough drafts are called that for a reason.

The road trip sounds fun. Hope you find lots of deals. I hear the outlets are great.

Kelly Boyce said...

I hear you on the slogging through. It makes the lure of a new story so much more seductive. The trip sounds like fun. Hope you have a great time.