Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Only Monday

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day.

Today, I have pages to get ready for my crit meeting this week and my two girls are home. One is sick. One is finished second year university and isn't working today. And her BF is working in the US for the summer. Can you say bored?

So far, I have not written a word and half the morning is gone. I can hear the TV going in the other room where the youngest is stretched out on the sofa.  The oldest talks non stop. I mean NON-STOP. About NOTHING. And she's talking (loudly) to her sister in the other room.

I'm getting this niggling feeling that my characters are not moving towards their overall goals and their actions are starting to feel mechanical rather than well-motivated. And how do I show my characters falling in love if I have to have conflict, conflict, conflict on every page? When do they slow down long enough to talk? and cuddle? and make love?

I managed to finish 4 of the 5 books for the Daphne Contest and am half way through the fifth. Scores are due back by the fifteenth so I've got that on my plate to finish up within the next two days. Hate to leave things until the last minute.

And that lawn looks like it needs to be mowed.

Need caffeine or a nap.


Janet said...

I vote for caffeine, Anne.

Sounds like you're having quite the Monday! Maybe you'll get it all out of the way and the rest of the week will be peaceful and productive. Hey, one can only hope :)

Good luck with all on your plate (including the kidlets being home and noisy).

Cat Schield said...

You don't need conflict on every page, you need tension. They can be as cuddly as you need them to be as long as something awful shadows them.

I read a story where the girl was packing a suitcase. Nothing tense about that. But in the background her neighbor was playing loud music and it annoyed her. Tension.

Sounds like you've got that sort of tension in your house today.

Good luck!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Janet, I used caffeine. More productive than a nap.

And I think DD1 knows that she annoys me so she's added sound effects to everything - even if she's just walking down the hall.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Cat, tension is more workable. Much better word.

And I realized while reading a book last night that having some kind of "secret" in the background adds tension to every scene because you're waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Kelly Boyce said...

I vote for caffeine. Then you can go mow my lawn. :)